Products & Services

TOPPER SUN is committed to providing solar energy products and services of high quality and to creating a clean and green world for all humankind.



Green Energy Solutions

As an integrated services company with a full range of green energy products, TOPPER SUN not only provides high quality, high conversion efficiency solar module panels and system components, but also assists customers in planning to build all kinds of integrated solar power systems.

  • iPV Solar Tracker
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  • Solar tracker is an efficient power generation system that is designed according to the sun’s incident angle and is designed to follow the sun’s position relative to the earth.

  • iPV Smart Greenhouse
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  • iPV Smart Greenhouse contains iPV Solar Trackers, iPVSYS Monitoring and Control System, and Greenhouse. It provides both crops and energy, and makes farming more cost-effective than ever!

  • Solar Power System
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  • There are three types of solar power systems depending on the application: can be on-grid system, off-grid system and hybrid system.

  • Rooftop Solar Power System
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  • The rooftop solar power system is installed on the roof tops of private households. The power produced is then fed into home appliances through an inverter.

  • Solar Power Plant
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  • Solar power plants are large-scale PV power generating systems installed in the desert, on a barren surface, or on the rooftop of a large factory.