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Solar Power Plant


Also known also as Solar Farms which refers to install PV module array, power conditioning, wiring box on large-scale desert, barren surface or on the rooftops of a large factory roof and in the end feed into the high-voltage power network above 10KV.

Unlike other types of large-scale power plants, a solar power plant does not create environmental pollutants and can be safely placed nearly anywhere. Ground installation of such a system can be classified into fixed PV systems and sun tracking systems. The location of a fixed system is based on the location of the power plant and is designed to generate electricity throughout the year. Various factors need to be considered, including: the accumulated maximum value of inclination, and the installation of the mounting bracket for the installation angle. Sun tracking systems can rotate following the sun's trajectory rotation. A tracking system can generally produce energy 20-30% more than a fixed system.

TOPPER SUN Energy has been highly praised for its work in power plant planning and systems installation in Germany and Italy. From preliminary planning to follow-up operation of the system, TOPPER SUN can tailor and optimize our designs according to region and specific customer needs.




Topper Sun offers full solution services, which will be providing faster development and lower system cost.