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2014 The latest construction method "H piling"- cheaper, faster

iPV Solar Tracker


iPV Solar Tracker
iPV Solar Tracker Increasing power generation up to 30-50%
( Compared with fixed type / The data varies according to the local environmental condition )
Pre-programed astronomical A.I.
Pre-programed astronomical A.I.

Set according to the motion of sun which varies every days, seasons and places, enabling iPV Solar Tracker automatically tracking the motion of sun.

Universal-Axis design
Universal-Axis design

Enable to rotate 40 ~90 in elevation angle, iPV Solar Tracker is able to fit every perfect angle for modules to directly face sun.


Dynamic Balancing Design

Universal-Axis which allows the loading platform to rotate by itself in a minor range for counteracting the power of wind. The iPV Solar Tracker doesn’t just sustain the wind blowing, it changes itself to adapt the wind.

Self Supporting ability

When the iPV Solar Tracker switches to Safety Mode, upgrading the wind loading ability from 87 km/h to 149 km/h. (Depends on location & model)

Simple structure = cost less

The simplicity of the structure design brings the advantages of less ingredient purchase and easier maintenance, the former lows down the cost of facility; and the latter reduces the cost of maintenance in long term.

Major Components
iPV Solar Tracking System

Operating temperature range: -40°C ~ 80°C

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