• Release Date:2014-11-11
  • Big Sun Group and Shenzhen Yingli sign strategic c

Big Sun Group and Shenzhen Yingli sign strategic cooperation agreement

Ling Shi (vice president of Shenzhen Yingli) and Summer Luo (chairman of Big Sun)

Hsinchu, Taiwan, November 11, 2014 - Shenzhen Yingli, a subsidiary of Yingli Solar, has signed strategic cooperation agreement with Big Sun group. In the future, they will work together on soft and hard solar products for Chinese PV market applications, especially focus on iPVSYS monitoring platform and iPV solar tracker.


“Yingli group is the world’s largest PV module manufacturer and keeps looking for better solutions of solar power in order to provide better services to customers,” said Summer Luo, chairman of Big Sun. “This view is the same as Big Sun’s, therefore, Yingli is the ideal partner for us to work with in China. Both of us can share resources to develop a win-win future.” 


“Shenzhen Yingli is very glad to have the chance to cooperate with Big Sun,” said Ling Shi, vice president of Shenzhen Yingli. “As a member of Yingli group, we keep working on affordable green energy, besides cost consideration, high-efficiency solar power is also important. We believe both of us can make more contribution to green power.” 


Shenzhen Yingli is very interested in iPVSYS monitoring platform and positively think about iPV solar tracker. Integrating of soft and hard products has become the trend of solar industry. “We also believe that Shenzhen Yingli will be able to enhance power plant services by working closely together,” said Ling Shi.

iPVSYS presented by Big Sun

The quality of Big Sun’s products has been approved by winning the honor of Taiwan’s national awards in 2013 and 2014. Big Sun’s iPV solar tracker also has dozens of worldwide patents and has come into global market including Japan, and Europe since 2012. It is time to distribute iPV solar trackers to China to offer a high-efficiency power system solution.


iPVSYS is a cloud monitoring and control system developed by Big Sun group. IPVSYS can provide detailed information about power plant operation, including 120 types of data. It is a friendly platform for users to monitor their own power plant system. (www.iPVSYS.com)


About Shenzhen Yingli
Yingli Solar (NYSE: YGE) is the world's largest photovoltaic module manufacturer in terms of production capacity and shipments. Yingli has distributed more than 10,000 MW PV modules to customers worldwide.


Shenzhen Yingli is a subsidiary of Yingli Solar. Shenzhen Yingli is involved in the research, production and popularization of solar applied products and technology implement.


About Big Sun
BIG SUN was founded in 2006. The core business is focused on the design, production, and sales of high-quality solar products. Its aim is to boost renewable and affordable energy around the world in order to benefit the environment and our next generation.


BIG SUN’s main products include 6" mono-crystalline silicon solar cells, 6" multi-crystalline silicon solar cells and iPV solar trackers. The conversion efficiency of 6" mono-crystalline silicon solar cell can reach up to 19.8% and 6" multi-crystalline silicon solar cell can reach up to 18%. iPV Solar Tracker is an innovated universal-axis PV tracker which can maximize the solar energy generation up to 30%-45% than a fixed-tilt PV system.