• Release Date:2014-11-10
  • Big Sun Group and China’s largest Solar EPC Compan

iPV Solar Tracker Enters China’s Market


BIG SUN Group and China’s Largest Solar EPC Sign Agreement for PV Power Plant.


BIG SUN Group (BIG SUN, OTC 3566) has formally announced that it has signed an agreement with TBEA Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd. (SSE, 600089, hereinafter referred to as Xinjiang TBEA) to become a qualified vendor and supply their patented iPV Solar Trackers for the 100MW Willow Springs Farm PV project.  Xinjiang TBEA and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps 13th Division have, also, signed an agreement to administer the Willow Springs Farm State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. and will construct the 100MW PV power plant project.  The first batch of iPV Solar Trackers has been delivered and installation is scheduled to be completed towards the end of November 2014.  Xinjiang TBEA is optimistic about BIG SUN Group’s iPV Solar Tracker and has accepted testing, under the national technology institute, that the iPV Solar Tracker will overcome Xinjiang’s severe weather and geographical restrictions, achieve maximum power efficiency, and enable the power plant owners to obtain 35% or greater power output over fixed PV systems.  This project is a major breakthrough for the BIG SUN Group’s experience in the development of large-scale PV power plants in China and is a milestone for the Taiwanese EPC system dealer making significant inroads into the mainland Chinese market. 


     The BIG SUN Group, in 09/2014, was issued a Taiwan Excellent PV award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Energy for the 2nd consecutive year.  In 2013, the iPV Solar Tracker was also, a recipient of the National Industrial Innovation Award.  BIG SUN developed products, have not only obtained nationally quality tested standard recognitions, but have also, broken into the international large-scale PV power plant market.  Currently, the iPV Solar Tracker has been widely adopted in Japan, Europe, the USA, and Taiwan and entering the Chinese market only increases its significance.  Regarding the cooperation, BIG SUN’s chairman, Summer Lo states, “Xinjiang TBEA is China’s largest solar EPC company and I am very happy for this opportunity.  I believe through this collaboration, others will see BIG SUN’s strengths.”


        During the cooperation discussions, Xinjiang TBEA, particularly emphasized the importance of the environmental issues (topography and climate challenges) facing the iPV Solar Tracker.  Xinjiang’s high altitude terrain includes heavy sandstorms, abundant snow, and wide temperature variances, making it a challenging power generation environment.  Chairman Summer Lo confidently states, “BIG SUN’s solar tracker, in addition to being equipped with dust protection mode, has already completed strict temperature variance testing from -40° C to +80° C.  The unique 360° horizontal axis rotation feature prevents snow accumulation.  In Taiwan, we have conducted many field tests during intense typhoons.  Therefore, I am very confident about the iPV Solar Tracker’s reliability and durability.”


        Xinjiang TBEA is a Chinese publicly listed state-owned enterprise and China’s number one power plant contractor.  The investment amount for Willow Springs Farm is expected to reach USD 200 million and elevates Xinjiang TBEA to a worldwide PV market share leader.  Furthermore, this marks a first time cooperation with a Taiwanese PV technology manufacturer.  The main reason for this cooperation is the iPV Solar Tracker’s previous energy achievements, in which optimal power generation exceeded fixed PV systems by 35% or greater.  For a single day, the power generation capability exceeded an impressive 8.5 kWh/kWp.  For Xinjiang’s distinct topography and climatic environment, the iPV Solar Tracker will be able to obtain even better efficiency and produce greater power performance.  As governments universally reduce subsidies and rates, the iPV Solar Tracker will allow PV investors to maintain their original ROI.  In the near future, solar trackers will be a necessary product choice.


        In addition to the iPV Solar Tracker, BIG SUN, also supplies the iPV SYS (monitoring and controlling system) to complement and complete their solar tracker package.  It is accessible by internet and remotely monitors power generation equipment, processes real-time power plant data, and exercises complete control over power efficiency and power plant operational functions.  In the near future, the BIG SUN Group’s R&D team will be revealing their H pile anchor foundation for the iPV Solar Tracker.  This stable foundation is suitable for different terrains, significantly reduces installation time and BOS costs.  Under the strict supervision of strategic partners, the H pile anchor foundation has been utilized for projects in Japan and will be implemented in future power plant projects worldwide.


The Willow Springs Farm project cooperation has been beneficial for the iPV Solar Tracker product development competitiveness and market share.  This particular project presents many engineering and logistical challenges, however, BIG SUN’s subsidiary company’s (Topper Sun Energy) domestic and international turnkey engineering experience will ensure that this tightly scheduled deadline will be completed before the end of 2014.  This accomplishment persuaded the conservative and large Chinese state-owned enterprise to be willing to open up such an important project, as the first collaboration between the two sides and further laying a good foundation towards breaking new grounds into the mainland Chinese market.



About Xinjiang TBEA


Xinjiang TBEA is a Chinese state-owned listed company, founded in 2000.  Its contracted installations are close to 15% of total new solar installation demands for the Chinese market.  They are ranked 2nd in the world in terms of general EPC contracting volume and first for the whole of China.  In 2013, the company won the title of "China PV power plant - Excellent Service Providers.”  They have constructed a combined total of 3,000 off-grid power plants across Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Inner Mongolia, in more than 20 provinces in 2014 and were labeled the world's largest single solar power station - 100MW project in Pakistan's Punjab province. As of the end of 2013, TBEA New Energy Company construction scale (including solar and wind power) has exceeded 800MW.


About BIG SUN Group


BIG SUN was founded in 2006. Their core business is focused on the design, production, and sale of high-quality solar products. Its aim is to boost renewable and affordable energy around the world in order to benefit the environment and our next generation.


BIG SUN’s main products include 6" mono-crystalline silicon solar cells, 6" multi-crystalline silicon solar cells and iPV Solar Trackers. The conversion efficiency of 6" mono-crystalline silicon solar cell can reach up to 19.8% and 6" multi-crystalline silicon solar cell can reach up to 18%. iPV Solar Tracker is an innovative universal-axis PV tracker which can maximize solar energy generation up to 30%-45% more than a fixed-tilt PV system. 



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Topper Sun Energy:http://www.toppersun-energy.com/products/prodetail/28

Xinjiang TBEA:http://www.tbea.com.cn/


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